Sunday, 20 January 2013

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner

Normally, I do not apply eyeliner anymore in my daily makeup routine because I am always in a hurry... After all, we all know how hard it is to erase eyeliner once you make a mistake especially when it is liquid eyeliner you are using. Therefore, I cannot apply eyeliner-- especially the liquid type-- when I am in a hurry because I do not want to have lopsided- looking eyes when going to work!

But, I just HAD to buy the Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner when I saw it at Sasa last December when I went to Hong Kong. I've heard so many good raves about this product, so not buying it seemed like such a waste. After all, it's only 105HKD, which is only equivalent to around P550.00. If I bought one here in the Philippines from an online seller (since it's not sold in any local stores), it would already cost around P850.00. So see, I had a good reason to buy it!

Well, here goes a short review of this product.

Look at the adorable packaging of this product! So, I bought two. At first, I only purchased the black liquid liner because I was saving money. But, I was so restless when I did not buy the brown one. I couldn't help but convince myself that the brown liquid eyeliner is just as awesome as the black one! Opportunity arrived when someone I know went to Macau this January so I was able to get hold of the brown version also.

As you can see, it is only 105HKD. There are also Sasa stores in Macau and the price is not too different since HKD and MOP currencies are not too different.

This is how the pencil tip liner looks like. It is very thin so as to allow you to make very precise lines. 

These are swatches of the product. As you can see, I can either make very thick or thin lines.

I tried using the black liner and this is how it looks like close up. It was very easy to apply since the tip is kind of soft so it glided easily on my lids. The product also dries up well so I had no problems putting on layers on top of one another to make it more opaque.

Just scroll down for more pictures!

Here's my 'epaloids' sister. Haha. Photobomb!

Since I have tapered eyelids, it does not seem too noticeable. But, it did make the top part of my eyes look darker didn't it? 

Anyway, overall, I like this product because it is easy to use, and it stays put the entire day! However, I have yet to test whether its sweat- proof or not since it is quite cold nowadays...

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