Link to Other Sites

As an escapist, I have a lot of interests. Below are links to some of my sites. Please do click on the link if it interests you. In some of the sites like facebook and twitter though, I only accept people whom I know. If by chance, I do not know you yet, you can just leave me a short message. I'd like to have new friends too! =)
  • I am an author for Kyou Kara Maou and Yugi- Oh yaoi fanfiction.Click this link to read my works.Warning though, it contains 'yaoi.'
  • poupee girls- For some of my fashion and beauty items, click on this link. Let's be poupee friends!
  • twitter- follow me for a quick update on my daily activities.
  • facebook- for more personal information. If I don't know you yet, please leave a message. =)
  • youtube- I don't have a lot of uploaded videos, but I do have a lot of favorites if you'd care to browse through them!
  • deviantart- like my youtube account, I don't post much of my works, but I have lots o awesome faves!
  • flickr- *newest* for a lot of travel pictures, click here!