Thursday, 18 October 2012

What do you put on your face?

Let me ask you this simple question: what do you put on your face?

This may seem like a simple question with simple answers like putting on powder or foundation and washing your face with a facial wash. However, things are NOT that simple. You need to know about proper skin care that is appropriate for your skin type.

Ever since I was a high school student, I've had really oily skin. But, for these past few months, my oily skin type changed into a combination skin type. This means that there are areas in my face such as the T-zone area that are prone to being oily while the other areas tend to be extremely dry. Since time immemorial, I've been using Nivea products exclusively, but this change of skin type prompted me to look for other skin products. I tried using Neutrogena and Celeteque products.

But, things turned out awry. I am NOT saying that these products are not good. In the first place, I tried them out because of the good reviews that I've read about them. It's just that apparently, some of these products (I still don't know which ones) were not compatible with my sensitive skin. They made it very dry that some areas turned really flaky. 

For weeks, I thought it was just dead skin so I started exfoliating and using a sponge to wipe the 'dead skin' off. But one day, some areas just turned really red and bumpy so I had to go and see a dermatologist already since it's causing me so much  stress. I'm glad that I sought professional help since it turned out that I developed a skin problem called 'seborheic dermatitis,' which is probably caused by the change in the products that I'm using coupled with high levels of psychological stress.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am NOT vain. I just want to appear presentable and professional so I don't like the fact that my face is just so flaky and red. I do not want to get rid of this problem for the sole purpose of looking 'pretty,' but to restore my previous skin care regimen. I just want to have normal skin that is low maintenance! But alas, that is not meant to be since I do have sensitive skin and skin asthma.

In the end, I ended up altering my whole skin care routine. I started using skin products that are milder and of course, I bought the prescribed meds that the dermatologist gave me. So now, these are the products that I am using: I remove my make up with the Human Nature Sunflower Cleansing Oil (from Beauty Bar, around P350.00), then rinse the excess oil using the MILDERM facial wash from my dermatologist. After I dry my face using a towel, I apply some Cetaphil Moisturising Cream (S&R, P550.00+) all over my face and neck. I also apply OLAY Moisturising Lotion on top of the Cetaphil, which really made my skin softer!!! I just love this product! Then, I pat on some NIVEA eye cream (please be gentle with the area around your eyes; DON'T TUG!) Lastly, I apply the Clobetasol Cream on the areas where there are flaky and red skin.

I know, I know. You're thinking that these seems a litle bit too much for one's facial skin care routine. But, you NEED to take care of your skin especially when you're still young to avoid wrinkles, sagging skin and other skin problems like pimples or even more severe ones like seborrheic dermatitis. I've been too lax in my skin care regime or rather, I've been too absorbed about using various products that I did not even think of the consequences like incompatibility with my skin type. Lesson learned: stick to a skin care routine that works for you and if there's a problem, look for professional help. Do NOT self- medicate. 

But wait, I'm not finished yet. Let's talk about make- up now. It's important to keep your face looking clean and neat all the time. If you are not gifted with naturally beautiful and radiant skin like myself, you sometimes have to resort to using make- up to cover your blemishes or to simply look presentable. 

Currently, these are the face make-up products that I am using. I alternately use these products, depending on my mood and the situation. For my combination skin type, I use BB creams, cream and powder foundation and for sleepless nights, I use concealer under my eyes. 

For travelling, I use this BB cream from Maybelline. It's perfect because it's small and compact so it is easy to bring anywhere. It is also easy to spread and I don't become oily too fast with this on, which is a good thing! It has SPF 26, which is important, but when I go to beaches and other sunny places, I also use the Nivea sunscreen (for the face).  

For my daily make- up routine, meaning when I go to work or go to the mall, I alternately use the following products. Most of the time, I use BB cream then concealer. After that, I apply powder on top of the BB cream to make it last longer. 

As of now, I am using Tony Moly's Honey- Bee Skin Solution BB Cream  and The Face Shop's Power Perfection BB Cream. Both products have it's pros and cons. I like the coverage of the Tony- Moly's Skin Solution BB cream (P1050.00), but it's too thick and is hard to spread especially since it dries up so easily; you tend to tug at your skin harder. The Face Shop's Power Perfection BB Cream (around P1150.00) makes your skin look flawless and is so easy to spread! But, I tend to become oily faster with this on and it gets a little bit darker after three or four hours. Palladio's Oil- absorbing Rice Powder (P345.00, Beauty Bar) is my all-time favorite! It makes your skin look smoother and softer and best of all, it helps your face not become oily. The Liquid Time Balm concealer (P895.00, Beauty Bar) is very good to use on your blemishes, but I won't recommend using it under your eyes since it creases so much! 

Before I thought of using BB creams, I've been using Revlon ColorStay Mineral Mousse foundation (P895.00) for more than a year already and I still love it. I still use it up to this day together with a concealer. It's really easy to spread and it looks matte on your face. This is best for people who have oily/ combination skin because it lasts for the whole day without retouching and it really keeps your face from becoming oily. 

Sometimes, when I'm about to be late and I am in such a rush, I don't have time to apply a lot of products so I resort to just using a powder foundation and a concealer. This is Majolica Majorca's Skin Remaker Pore powder foundation (powder = P900.00; case= P450.00). You can read more on this product from my previous blog post by clicking *here.*

As of now, I am excited to use this new concealer. As you can see, I'm not exactly happy with the Timebalm Concealer so I am looking forward to using this especially since I've heard some bloggers rave about this. You can check out Ms. Liz Lanuzo's verdict about this product on her site, projectvanity

A little drop of this product goes a long way! Use it wisely since it's a little bit expensive. 

With one swipe, this is how it looks like.

But, if it's completely blended, you'd barely notice it! It's very easy to spread and it really masks your heavy and dark eye bags. I like it very much!

That's all for now! Remember, take good care of your skin! 

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