Sunday, 19 February 2012

Thingamabobs Accessory Haul!

If you know me well enough, you'd know the following things about me: I'm an aesthete (much like one of my favorite authors, Oscar Wilde), I am an avid book reader, I have a deep fascination for dark fairy tales (especially the Brothers Grimm version), I love history and queens that have been beheaded or punished like Anne Boleyn, Erszebet Bathory and the most famous one, Marie Antoinette.

It's quite noticeable that these are not stuff that people my age actually appreciate. Oh believe me, I know how queer my interests are! I don't find a lot of people who genuinely wants to hear me rant about these morbid and boring (well, according to them) stuff...  So just imagine my surprise when I saw this shop called "Thingamabobs" at our school grounds and I saw the amazing stuff that they sell there! 

They sell the most exquisite and well- made accessories, which made the aesthete in me go ballistic!

Some accessories are really unique like the Edgar Allan POe charm bracelet... I know that Edgar Allan Poe is a great and influential author, but whoever thought of using his gloomy picture as a theme for a girl's accessory? See the ingenuity of the one who crafted these babies???

Well, just like me, the shop owner also appreciates the same literary works that I do. She even said, "I like illustrations that have stories behind them like fairy tales!" Inside my mind, I was shouting, "Yes! I finally found a kindred spirit! You have no idea how hard it is to find someone like you who understands my interests!" 

Below are pictures of the things that I bought from this lovely store... I hope you love them the same way that I do! Enjoy!

This is the Edgar Allan Poe bracelet. I love it since it features one of my favorite authors in a 'glamorous, but morbid' look. I especially like the word "Nevermore." I don't know, I guess it's just a great word to associate with this author. The other charms also add a nice touch especially the key and the skull, which I almost always look for in accessories... This charm bracelet costs P250.00.

This is the Marie Antoinette charm bracelet that I immediately wanted to buy since my eyes first landed on it. I love the color theme and the placement of the pictures.... It's not so noticeable here, but the flowery mother of pearl charm piece says, 'let them eat cake,' which is the phrase that cost Marie Antoinette her head. This charm bracelet costs P350.00.

These are the necklaces or pendants that I bought. The smaller ones cost P80.00 each, but if you buy three of them, you can buy all of them at only P200.00. The smaller pieces feature the following artworks (from left to right): Alice in Wonderland, Snow White (artist's rendition), young Marie Antoinette and Little Red Riding Hood. The large pendant, the one in the middle costs P180.00 because the artwork is placed in a semi- precious stone, Agate. The artwork is not a familiar character, but it's so beautiful I just knew I had to buy it! Actually, this is the last piece that I bought because I was thinking that I already spent so much money and this last piece is kind of expensive especially since it doesn't even have a chain to begin with (yes, I provided the chain myself; you'll only get the pendant when you buy it). 

All in all, I spent more than P1,000.00 on these wonderful creations. They may cost a lot, but I think it's worth it. You can attest to the beauty that these ornaments hold! If you want to know more about these accessories, please visit their facebook site by clicking this link right *here.* 

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