Thursday, 24 November 2011

IN2IT Waterproof Gel Liner

These past few months, I've been so busy that I hardly pay attention to what I put on my face. I have to go to office early and since I'm not really a morning person, I have to be quick with my morning routine that includes taking a bath, eating, putting on clothes, etc. It follows that I can't really focus too much on putting on my make- up. I limit my daily office make- up routine for around 5 minutes to 10 minutes tops. 

Sometimes, I get up so late that I have to compromise my make- up routine. I am usually unable to do the complete eye make- up; I forgo the contouring and highlighting part when I'm in a real rush.  This is the reason why I am so thankful for the presence of eyeliners! They make your eyes pop even without its usual burst of color/s. 

This blog will be about my review of the product called "Waterproof Gel Liner" by the German brand called IN2IT, which is available in most department stores or drugstore outlets like Watson's.  

I bought two of these gel eye liners. One is called "Very Black" (WG01) and the other one is called "Dark Brown" (WG02). There are actually three colors, the last one being gold, but I didn't buy it anymore because the color is too eye- catching, which is kind of inappropriate for work at a school setting. Besides, I always stick with earth tone colors when I don't want to experiment around. 

One waterproof gel liner costs P379.00. Not bad for the quality you get, mind you!

This is a swatch of the two colors. As you can see, the colors are very intense, very pigmented and very creamy! This is a really good deal!

I guess, the claims in the box of the product are partly true. Let's do the critique one by one:

1. Waterproof and super long wearing-- Why, yes it is! I have very oily lids and I live in a tropical country, but despite all these odds, this product manages to stick around for more than 8 hours!

2. No smudging or "panda" eyes-- Well, this is partly true especially for the "Very Black" shade. I have not encountered this problem with the "Dark Brown" color, but with the "Very Black" shade, I experienced a little bit of smudging, but just minimal. That's an amazing feat already seeing that it's gel and gel eye liners are usually very messy. 

3. Dries in 60 seconds-- Amazingly, it does. I think it even dries for LESS than 60 seconds. It's not like the other eyeliners (especially liquid, but that's understandable) where after you apply it and you immediately open your eyes, it starts sticking to the upper part of your lid. This is perfect for people who are always in a rush!

4. Ultra smooth formula-- Yes, it is very easy to apply. It's creamy so it's smooth to apply. There's very minimal tugging involved. Ms. Liz Lanuzo of ProjectVanity even said that this could very well be a dupe for the expensive Urban Decay gel liners. 

5. Easy to apply and remove-- This one, I have to disagree with the other statement. Yes, it is easy to apply, but it sure is not easy to remove! Just like with mascara, this one needs a lot of make- up remover and a lot of swiping before it gets erased totally. 

6. No bleeding and no running-- Yes, there's no running, but like I've said before, it kind of bleeds especially for the "Very Black" color.

Here are some sample pictures. I am sorry for the bad and blurry quality since I can't seem to focus my camera properly. =D

For me, I like the "Dark Brown" shade better than the "Very Black" because it is more natural- looking. I don't have to apply it in such a precise straight or curved line because the 'mistakes' are not so visible. Also, it doesn't smudge as much as the "Very Black" shade, which is an added bonus for that specific color. 

Despite the good feedback that this product is receiving from me, I did see some stuff that you might want to consider: 

1. It gets used up really fast. Since the formula is very, very, very creamy, it gets used up really fast. How fast you ask? From my experience, I used it for three straight days then I had to sharpen it already. But, that's to be expected since this is gel eyeliner that we are talking about.

2. It's soooo hard to remove. I admit that my make- up remover's not THAT great, but I'm guessing that those with good make-up removers would still find this challenging to remove.

3. It's kind of expensive. Well, for people from the middle- class, it is. Especially because of the fact that this product would only last around 1 or 2 months, with daily use that is.

4. It's hard to make precise lines. It's not as pointed as normal pencil eyeliners. The end is kind of thick and rounded so you can't really make thin lines. It's kind of hard to control compared to both pencil eyeliners and liquid eyeliners.

So yeah, that's about all the comments that I have for this product. All in all, I am happy with this product so I really recommend that you purchase one especially if you're just like me, a morning-hater-who-is-always-in-a-rush-for-work-kind-of-person.

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