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Majolica Majorca's "MAJOLOOK (Trick On)" BR751

 Hi there! I know it's been awhile since I last updated, but I blame it all on our slow internet connection (and well, I guess my laziness can also be blamed)! However, starting now, I vow to update my blog at least once a week! =D

So for this week's blog, I will be talking about my newest favorite eyeshadow. It's Majolica Majorca's "Majolook" BR751.

Majolica Majorca mainly has three eyeshadow types: Jeweling Eyes, Majolook Illuminator and Majolook Trick- On. This eyeshadow, Majolook BR 751 belongs to the third category, Majolook Trick-On. Its description in the brochure says, "A glossy powder? An eyeshadow with extraordinary 3-D effect and wet gloss sheen." So, read on as I unravel more things about this gorgeous product!

So, this is basically the packaging of Majolook Trick- On. The back cover is mainly composed of Japanese characters. Even with my knowledge of hiragana characters, it is impossible for me to understand that! That is the reason why I'm thankful that there's a small paper inside with English translation. So yeah, this product costs P795.00. It IS expensive, but it's cheap compared to MAC eyeshadows where one color costs this much already!

So this is the english translated version of the Majolook's back packaging cover. Basically, it talks about how the product would make your eyes have a "3-D effect." It also offers some instructions on how to apply the eyeshadow. You can click on the picture to make it bigger so that it would be easier to read!

Look at the case! It's GORGEOUS! Just what you'd expect from Majolica Majorca! Looks so animeish right? Especially the gold details and the logo! XD

So, this is a close- up view of the eyeshadow colors of Majolook BR751. Basically, it's a little bit on the neutral side. I forgot the code number for each color since I threw away the small paper with description. But, as you can see, the one on the upper right is gold. The one next to it is a little bit on the mauve side. Lower left has a brown shade and the one next to it is the Trick On powder. If you read the paper before, you'd know that the Trick On powder is the one you apply on top of the mauve shade so that it would look wet and glossy; it's the one that gives the 3-D effect!

Here are some swatches. You might be wondering why there are three rows. Well, the first row on top shows swatches with NO base, as in no eyeshadow primer. The second row, the one on the middle, shows the eyeshadows applied on top of a cheap primer (ELF eyeshadow primer). You can see that the colors look more vivid, but looks a little pasty. That's all thanks to the primer. The last row shows the eyeshadows applied on top of a more expensive primer (PALLADIO Herbal primer). The PALLADIO Herbal primer is manufactured by the same company as the one that produces the Urban Decay primer potion; or so my cousin says.

This picture shows the 'staying power' of this eyeshadow set. I swiped this hand several times with tissue and as you can see, if it doesn't have a base, it is very easy to remove. The last row has the strongest staying power and it's no wonder because it's the one with the PALLADIO primer. This little experiment just shows how important it is to have a primer since even though you have a really expensive eyeshadow, it wouldn't last long without a good primer-- especially for gals with oily lids like myself. 

So are you ready for the (horror) pictures? =) Again, sorry for the quality. My camera still doesn't take good make-up photos, but please bear with me since I don't think I'll have a new camera replacement soon. Despite this disadvantage, I DO love my camera! 

The colors on these two pictures are not so noticeable, but it is in real life. You can just see the sparkles and stuff, but I guess that's one thing I like about this set. The colors are not  "too-in-your-face," but it does the job in terms of brightening the eye area. 

I think you'll see the difference better in this picture. My left eye (the one nearest in the picture) shows the applied eyeshadows while my other eye still has no eyeshadow. You can see that my left eye is much brighter and sparkly.  My lid area also appears bigger. Below are more pictures from different angles.

So, what's my verdict for this product? I LOVE it. It's my favorite eyeshadow now. I have no regrets buying this because it's wearable anywhere and is not so obvious, which fits my character perfectly. Also, the colors are very pigmented so I don't have to build the colors too much by applying more since it is striking already as it is. It also has a very strong staying power especially when partnered with the PALLADIO herbal primer (costs P385.00 for 5 mg at the Beauty Bar.) I mean, I wear it from 7:00am until 7:30pm and it's still there! It's the one I wore during the AZKAL's training at Rizal Stadium and even though I was sweating like hell, it still didn't go away! THAT's how amazing it is!

I highly recommend this product even though it's expensive, but you get the good quality in exchange and innovative ideas! The Trick On powder idea is genius! Anyway, I hope I can say the same for the other eyeshadows of Majolica Majorca, but I'm not completely taken with the Jeweling Eyes. Wait for my review of it next time! 

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