Saturday, 4 June 2011

Black & Gold Eye Make- Up

So, this is what I do when I'm bored: fool around with my make-up stuff. I absolutely had nothing good to do so I started watching Michelle Phan's make-up videos... I watched her  video for those with glasses called "Sexy Glasses", which you can check out by clicking *here.* It's nice and its wearable, but I don't think it's something that I'd wear outside.  Like what my cousin mentioned several times before, Filipinos are quite judgmental in terms of how to wear make-up. We prefer the conventional types like sticking to neutral colors, etc. When we see someone wearing flamboyant and bright make-up styles, we snicker behind their backs. Hey, I'm guilty of that too and that's the reason why I wouldn't dare wear eye- catching make-up.

Anyway, seeing that I don't have enough courage to wear something cool like that outside, I decided to just practice applying it inside my room. But then, I don't have Michelle Phan's expensive make- up so I just made do with what I had with me. These were the stuff I used:

Dollface Palette: 60 eyeshadow, 12 highlighter, 6 blush 
Koshize dual eyebrow and eye liner set (available at Sophie's)
Wet n' Wild 249 'Vanity' eyeshadow palette 
REVLON Luxurious Color 'Perle' eyeshadow 
Elianto eyeshadow primer 
In2It waterproof eyebrow '01 Eyebrowns' color kit 

I started out by applying Elianto's eyeshadow primer all over my lids then I used Revlon's "Perle" eyeshadow all over my lid. It's a nice, sparkly eyeshadow base and it's easy to blend. It looks like this when worn:

For step 2, I applied some Wet n' Wild gold eyeshadow on the inner corner of my eyes and some on my waterline. The color I'm talking about is the one on the middle right.

For step  3, I applied some black eyeshadow on the outer corner of my eyes as well as on some area above my crease. I used the black eyeliner from the Dollface palette. I didn't really like it since the color is not very pigmented and it is NOT easy to blend, but since I had no other black eyeshadow... I HAD to use it.Afterwards, I applied eyeliner all over my waterline. I wanted to use a liquid eyeliner, but since I was just at home, I didn't apply it anymore since it's too hard to remove. I also decided to skip applying mascara. 

Lastly, I just added some In2It eyebrown powder on my eyebrows to make it look fuller and neater (even though it didn't really produce a good result since I haven't shaped/plucked it yet...)

Are you ready for the (horror) outcome look? It looks something like this:

I'm sorry that you can't really see all the details and colors.I took this picture using my digital camera only so it is not so vivid. I actually wanted to take a picture of the make-up application process step-by-step, but my camera's incapable of shooting good images like that. 

Moving on....I did not apply foundation and concealer anymore so I apologize if my skin looks kind of oily. Also, as I've told you before, my eyebrows are not yet plucked properly so it kinda looks irritating... Haha! Anyway, I just made this blog to show how bored I am as well as to prove that you don't need to have expensive make- up to pull off a look like that. =)

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