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Book Review 2: Para kay B

Book Title: Para Kay B
Author: Ricky Lee
Price: P250.00 (National Bookstore)
Genre: Romance/Drama (little bit of humor)
Number of Pages:  245
Personal Rating: 9/10 
Reading Difficulty: Medium(Tagalog)

Book Summary:

The book does not have a summary at the back page so I just made one! Just to give you an idea, each chapter focuses on one love story then at the end, everything is connected.

Chapter 1: Irene, Ang Unang Kuwento. This is a story about a love long forgotten. Irene and Jordan are both lonely and abused children from the town of San Ildefonso. One day, Irene finds the courage to approach the ill- tempered Jordan whom she astounded using her photographic memory. They soon felt a strong bond that eventually got disrupted due to an unfortunate series of events. Years later, they meet again, but Irene soon realizes that she fell in love with a long- forgotten memory instead of the real Jordan.

Chapter 2: Sandra, Ang Ikalawang Kwento. This chapter deals with a forbidden kind of love: Incest. Sandra is a beautiful girl who has a lot of men pining after her. She wonders why she's not attracted to anyone when the answer finally hits her upon meeting the gaze of her elder brother. inside their home's bodega. Forbidden love however is not acceptable and the pair soon finds that their love is doomed right from the start.

Chapter 3: Erica, Ang Ikatlong Kwento. Erica is a girl from an alternate universe called  Maldiaga where "love" does not exist. She soon finds herself in the 'real' world where she is desperate to know how to love. She meets Mrs. Baylon and her son Jake. Jake is a notorious philanderer, but rapidly learns that Erica is the one that would change his promiscuous ways. Will Erica learn how to love Jake?

Chapter 4: Ester, Ang Ikaapat na Kwento. This story deals with same- sex relationship. Ester and Sara has been together ever since they were little and even back then, Ester thinks that Sara is annoying. While growing up, Ester's drunk uncle tells her that she would meet her true love on top of their house's roof. Years later, Ester gets married and Sara remains as her maid. While cleaning the house's roof, Sara got hurt and Ester went up to see her. She realizes that her uncle was correct; she did find her true love on top of their roof.... But everything's not easy especially after the death of Ester's husband.

Chapter 5: Bessie, Ang Ikalimang Kwento. Bessie is a trouble- maker nymphomaniac. On the other hand, Lucas is a poor and ugly messenger. When the two meet, Bessie thinks that it would be a fabulous idea to add an ugly man to her list of sex conquests whereas Lucas finds himself falling in love with Bessie. Things become more complicated when Bessie's promiscuity starts to hinder their chances of being together.

Chapter 6: Ang Totoong Kuwento sa Totoong Kwento. The writer whom I would not name because it would spoil the ending finds himself being confronted by the five main characters of the book, demanding that they want to have a happy ending to their love story. Will the writer change the plot or let the story flow naturally?

Personal Thoughts:
I maybe an avid reader, but I am sad to say that I haven't read much Filipino books out of my own volition. Upon reading this book however, I think I am going to start reading more! Once again, I borrowed this book from my cousin who recommended it to me, saying, "Para mas magi ka namang cool, basahin mo ito!" I took no offense on her words, but I did wonder how I'd become 'cool' by reading a love story, which I'm sure I wouldn't be able to relate to. Oh, how wrong I was. 
I loved this book! Everything about it! The plot, the characters, the ingenuity of the plot's flow, the use of deus ex machina, the quirky characters, the funny quotable quotes.... It's also not predictable and not cliched, which is an almost impossible feat to manage for a book about love! At first glance also, you'd think that the whole book is composed of different, individual short stories. But in the end you'd see how they are all tied together. THAT is what I call ingenious. Each chapter leaves you wanting for more only to find out in the end that the author indeed has the power to change fictional endings, but can't do the same thing in real life... The character's feelings are so real and tangible that you'd end up empathizing with them. That's what made me cry! It has a bittersweet ending, but strangely, it did not leave me discontented. It even gave me an insight since it showed that not everything would have a 'fairytale' ending. It somehow paralleled what might happen in real life.   
After reading this, I realized that I've been too cooped up in my own world, solely reading classics and historical novel. I guess I have to broaden my reading range and include more contemporary Filipino literature. Bob Ong, Ricky Lee and Louie Mar Gangcuangco is really making me look forward to reading more of their amazing stuff. 

With all of that said, will I recommend this book? ABSOLUTELY. I rated it 9 out of 10 for a reason. I love the concept, the theme, the ending, everything... The only thing that I did not like was some parts of the last chapter. The book included some form of deus ex machina (of which I wouldn't talk about since it might spoil the ending) that somehow made the story seem tacky.. Other than that though, the whole idea is so original! SUPPORT FILIPINO AUTHORS!

Favorite Excerpts: 

Me quota ang pag- ibig. Sa bawat limang umiibig, isa lang ang magiging maligaya. Ang iba, iibig sa di sila iniibig. O iibig nang di natututo. O iibig sa wala. O di iibig kailanman.

Kakabog ang dibdib mo, sabi niya. Kikilig ang kalamnan mo, at kikirot ang puso mo. Kabog, kilig, kirot. Kapag naramdaman mo ang tatlong K habang kaharap ang isang lalaki, umiibig ka!

Ester: Anong klase ka bang bakla?
AJ: A, ibig niyo sigurong sabihin ung me paminta, me efem, me pagurl, me tranny, me botomesa, me top, me beauconera, me bi. 'Yun ba Mommy?
Ester: Ganyan ba kadami ang mga bakla? Saan ka diyan?
AJ: Oo naman Mommy! Sakop ko lahat!
The love that dares not speak its name is the most powerful love of all! For my love transcends all boundaries and reaches out to the unloved, the unsure and the unloving.

Hindi na siya naka-function na gaya ng dati dahil para bang tinanggal ng pagkawala ni Lucas and lahat ng kasamaan sa kanyang katauhan, at ngayo'y di na niya alam kung ano siya, kung sino siya.

Di man ako kasingganda ng mga Nanay n'yo, di man ako kasingkinis ng mga Ate n'yo, h'wag kayong pakisisigurado dahil isa lang naman ako sa mga pinatuwad ng Tatay at Kuya niyo. -AJ

Hindi na pwedeng mahalin ang isang tao nang hindi mo minamahal ang hilaga, silangan, timog at kanluran ng kanyang mga paniniwala.

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